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Scientific Premise:

Integration of statistical methodology with machine learning biomedical technologies and mixed effects machine learning for spatially localized omics information.


Our team has identified a number of statistical challenges which motivate further exploration into the development and application of hierarchical Bayesian methods for the development and evaluation of artificial intelligence technologies in digital pathology. To this end, we have developed software and methods which can extract findings from machine learning models, in the scenario where statistical dependencies may exist between observations, to be used in statistical models for clinical findings. The software has been used by members of the biomedical community. We have applied such methods to identify statistically significant interactions from spatially localized omics information for colorectal cancer metastasis prediction. We are planning follow-up works which will communicate clinical findings and motivate classifier deployment in this domain. Furthermore, we have developed a new class of Bayesian statistical methodology, Bridge Category Models, implemented in Stan, to account for phenomena where pathologists may report multiple stages at a time, which may reflect true clinical practice but underreported in clinical literature due to the difficulties associated with handling such data.


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