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Undergrad: double major in Cognitive Science and Environmental Studies at Dartmouth

MS: Quantitative Biomedical Sciences, Health Data Science Concentration Research Interests: My primary focus within the EDIT Program has been developing privacy-preserving computer vision tools for applications in digital pathology though the use of Federated Learning (FL), an emerging paradigm in which models are trained collaboratively by sharing of model parameters. By eschewing the need to pool private patient data, FL enables research institutions to work together to train more robust ML/DL models. I spent the summer of 2021 engineering HistoCrypt, a python library and Singularity container designed to lower the technical barrier to entry for biomedical researchers looking to use FL in their work. More recently, I have prepared a position paper advocating for the utility of FL in healthcare and proposing a framework for small research institutions to navigate the logistical challenges of coordinating a multicenter FL study.

Other Interests: Outside of the EDIT Program, I have been involved in research on octopus cognition, plant ecology, and sustainability of food systems. I am passionate about leveraging quantitative methods to support the development of green bioindustries and promote GHG drawdown. Some of my hobbies include backcountry skiing, backpacking, homebrewing and fermentation, climbing, astrophotography, gardening, and amateur mycology.