Sumanth Ratna

Summer Intern 2020, Mentor 2021

Current High School Summer

Meet Sumanth Ratna

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School: TJ

Select Summer Projects: Unsupervised Cell Detection; MixMatch; Backend; PathFlow 2.0

Further Description: My interests and career-goals change pretty often, but I think one thing that’s in common in all of my past projects is some sort of computer science. Specifically, I’ve found that I’m really interested in machine learning research, and its applications in the field of computational biology. There’s no particular subset of machine learning that especially stands out to me yet, but I have worked with natural language processing and image analysis in the past, both of which I find very interesting. If I ever get the time, I really want to figure out how to write good software in Rust and Erlang, and also figure out how we can incorporate probabilistic machine learning into computational biology. I’ve also found that I like chemistry; I often think of completely infeasible ideas that involve machine learning and biochemistry. Somewhat unrelated: I’m more of a TensorFlow 2 type of guy, but PyTorch is pretty cool too. :)

I also like to play basketball (I’m not any good) and football (no, I’m not any good) with my friends. I don’t really pay attention to the NBA or NFL, but I do sort of follow the Chiefs since I was born in Kansas and lived there for 8 years.

About me: Hi, my name is Sumanth and I’m a junior at TJ. I started working with the EDIT Lab in December 2019, and I’ve had a great experience so far. I’m interested in many aspects of computational biology and machine learning, but I’ve recently mostly been working on the biomedical imaging applications of deep learning. In my free time, I’m usually playing basketball with my brother.