Sashvad (Sachin) Satishkumar

EDIT ML Mentor 2022, Summer Intern 2021

Current High School Summer

Meet Sashvad (Sachin) Satishkumar

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School: Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

About Me: Sachin Satishkumar is a sophomore for Thomas Jefferson High School. Over the past couple of years, Sachin has been an active member of Model UN, where he developed his love for debate, and analyzing global issues/conflicts. Sachin is also an Eagle Scout and has volunteered at various organizations to give back to the community. He loves to play on the basketball team, and has a passion for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Outside of school, Sachin works with several non-profits and is an avid reader of both the news and books.

Project/Research Interests: Computer Vision/Natural Language Processing Intersections Recurrent Neural Networks Few-shot Learning