Richard Zhan

Summer Intern 2020

Previous High School Summer

Meet Richard Zhan

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School: TJ, CMU SCS

Select Summer Projects: Paired HE2Tri GAN

Further Description: My academic interests are mainly focused in computer science. In high school, I focused on algorithmic programming contests, which I still do enjoy doing in my free time. Over the past two months, I’ve also enjoyed creating websites for any random ideas that I have.

Another fun fact is that I enjoy (a bit too much) writing scripts that provide barely noticeable improvements to my experience on computers. Looking forward, I’m really excited to bring my love of computer science towards applied machine research this summer and hope to perform similar types of research in college.

In my free time, I enjoy playing ultimate and eight-ball. I also like going to the gym with friends, but definitely have been slacking recently. I do play some video games, namely League and Valorant.