Kaien Yang

Summer Intern 2020

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Meet Kaien Yang

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School: TJHSST

Select Summer Projects: Data Security and Privacy; Federated Learning; Front End; PathFlow 2.0

Further Description: I am a rising senior at TJHSST. I spend a lot of my time studying chemistry, where I mostly compete in olympiads or do research in catalysis or supercooled liquids. I also really enjoy computer science and machine learning. I am so excited to work with Dr. Vaickus, Joshua, and all of you this summer on such amazing research projects.

I’m an avid tennis player and I’m on my school’s varsity tennis team (shoutout to Ajay Prabhakar for carrying me in doubles :D). I was super excited to watch Wimbledon this year and earn back some money from lost bets but it got cancelled. Aside from tennis, I like playing soccer (go Barca!) and listening to music (anything to Pavarotti and Bocelli to Maroon 5 and hip-hop). Super excited to meet you all!