Harshavardhan Harish

Summer Intern 2020, Mentor 2021

Previous High School Summer

Meet Harshavardhan Harish

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School: TJHSST

Select Summer Projects: Deep Cell Clustering

Further Description: My passions lie in two main areas: physics and computer science. Consequently, a lot of my coursework has been focused in these two areas. I’m particularly fond of deep learning research and computer vision and their many applications in many fields, including medicine and physics. Another area of computer science that I’m very interested in is parallel computing; I’ve taken a parallel computing course at school and want to delve deeper into it in the future. Bringing my love of physics together with my love for computer science, I’m also very intrigued by the rapidly changing field of quantum computing. I’m very excited to conduct machine learning research and eagerly look forward to working on this summer research project.

Besides my scientific and academic passions, I also enjoy reading books & science/tech magazines (to keep up to date with new developments), playing board games with my dad and brother, watching tennis (Federer is the GOAT :P), and taking walks down trails near my neighborhood.